The Committee is reliant on the goodwill and assistance of the Authorities at Hammersmith if the Race is to continue with the same number of crews taking part.

As a result, the Committee will not hesitate to disqualify all crews from any clubs boating from Hammersmith, whose representatives do not conform to the rules issued and, additionally, may refuse entries to the HOR4s in future years.

The Police, Traffic Wardens and Council Officials must not only be obeyed at all times but treated with courtesy and respect. Traffic regulations will be obeyed.

The Council has given permission for trailers only to be parked in Furnivall Gardens on Friday 6 November from 15.00 to 21.00 and on Race Day from 08.00 to 18.00. Trailers can be left in Furnivall Gardens overnight on the Friday only, but the gate will be locked so moving trailers in and out will not be possible except between the stated times.

You must adhere to the following conditions;


    Access routes to Furnival Gardens
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  1. NO CARS or TOWING VEHICLES on Furnivall Gardens, Trailers must be manhandled onto the grass as towing vehicles will not be allowed into the Gardens because of the damage they can cause to the grass, particularly in wet conditions. Towing vehicles will have to be parked off-site in an appropriate car park.

  2. Trailers are to be pushed onto grass area in rows; using the back area of the gardens.

  3. You will in no way damage the gardens, including the grass.

  4. No litter will be left in the Gardens.

  5. All trailers will leave the gardens before 18:00hrs on Race day.

A damage deposit has been paid to the Hammersmith Authorities by the race organisers. As the deposit may be forfeited if there is damage to the gardens, please be aware that any resulting losses will be passed on to those clubs deemed to be responsible (in addition to any other retribution the committee feels appropriate). Clubs boating from Hammersmith must agree to adhere to these conditions.

The Race Committee would appreciate your help in respecting the above to ensure that the facility will be available to everyone in future years.